Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Into November

You might have to dig deep, but remember that time I pledged to write for this blog every day for the month of November? Well here we are two years later and it’s another November (don’t shoot the messenger) and I’ve been thinking about punishing participating in NaBloPoMo once again. In an effort to maybe get things rolling again for this wannabe. 

And if you broadcast it on the Internet, it has got to come true, right?

I’ve had a couple people ask a couple of times over the months whether I’ve blogged lately (spoiler alert: it’s NO). But thank you couple of people, it’s a high compliment! And since we drought afflicted writers oft feel the need to provide explanation for such dry spells, the why for here is no less cliche than having been stood up (surreptitiously dumped?) by my proverbial Muse. You know, the ol’ Writer’s Block. Nothing has so stirred me to commit many words to paper, let alone share the few deeply personal, darkly unshareable words that have managed to leak out.

What I have done in the time since is a shit ton bit of reading, much of which has been sparred by some long overdue self- and soul-searching. So in an ongoing effort to be more “authentic,” as they say, I’d like to try to share again. If even just a little. And if you, my dear couple of people, will allow it (i.e., read it).

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