Friday, November 25, 2016

Same Auld Lang Syne

Today I am thankful the Thanksgiving is over. Not that we ought to forget the things we are thankful for, but all the pomp and circumstance that goes along with the Day. Despite how much I like doing it.

I'm also thankful it's over because it means we have clearance to come out of hiding and officially get our Christmas on! I've been listening to Christmas all day (Michael Bublé should be getting PLENTY of royalties this year, if Pandora is any indication). And wearing Christmas on my legs. And feeling all warm and nostalgically Christmas in my soul.

I mean...[shrugs shoulders] Christmas is cool, I guess.

It also means that the Fogelberg Alert System has officially been upgraded to SEVERE. As in, there is a severe risk that hearing Same Auld Lang Syne will render me unable to continue with my regularly scheduled program until I have sobbed uncontrollably over lost love and the anticipation of an illusory reunion.

No, I do not live vicariously through this song.

Ok, maybe a little.

The snow turns into rain, you guys. GAH!!!

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