Monday, November 7, 2016

The Sun'll Come Up

Everybody's sitting around chewing their nails to the quick about tomorrow. I used to be worried about tomorrow, then a few months ago my worst nightmare about tomorrow came true, and since then, I have not worried.

However, I have been very much annoyed by tomorrow. Mostly when my dad's around. Because he is angsty about tomorrow. Because he's worried about Supreme Court Nominees. He might also be a little worried the I'll be wasting my vote tomorrow, but he doesn't get to determine that and besides, it's not like we live in a swing state.

Admittedly, I'm actually still an Undecided Voter. It's already tomorrow in over half of the geograohic country and I don't know if I'll be With Her or that other guy. Do I vote with future history or do I vote my principles? Because I have the privilege of doing so knowing the electoral votes in my state are already a foregone With Her.

So I'm not too worried about it.

I hope you'll stop worring, too. Because no matter what happens, the sun will still rise the day after tomorrow.

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