Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pensive Sigh

Can we just not do this any more? Please?!

Browsing through my Facebook feed the other day and this post stopped me in my scroll:

Not in any need of steps (of either the 12 or aforementioned 8 variety) I did not click through to read the story, but after reading some of the comments, which were unsurprising, I was convinced it had to be sponsored content from some diet or fitness page, so I looked to confirm the source. All I could muster was an "Oh, Martha," whilst SMDH. And then noting that it was originally from the Today Show...sigh.

I don't quite understand: how exactly is this considered newsworthy anyway?

I scrolled on by, feeling betrayed yet again by the mainstream media.

Don't get me wrong, I am delighted that the subject of the story found her why to make a change for herself. But take the "bride" variable out of the equation and who actually gives a fuck?

Maybe I've become a Bitter Betty, but plenty of loved, cherished, and adored women are proposed to and married every day, yet where's the story on that? The headline for which I imagine sounds more like something one would find on The Onion rather than Martha Stewart or the Today Show. Kudos to The Guardian and Lindy West for this:

So why don't we all try to do better here: stop feeding the lie that women are unworthy to be a bride unless they go to extreme lengths to be thin. Because if we can take that one small step, perhaps there's hope that we can also make the ultimate leap and stop feeding the lie that women are unworthy unless they are thin.

A worthy woman can dream...