Thursday, May 13, 2010

WW Wrap-up: Done a Little Differently

These last two weeks have not afforded me a lot of time to focus on my WW efforts. Naturally, that means that while I’ve perhaps thought about needing to update, I’ve not had the luxury of thinking much about the content of this update. So instead of a blow-by-blow recap approach, here’s what’s been on my mind:

I am in the worst shape of my entire life.

That’s saying a lot. I’ve always been on the athletic side, despite having been overweight for most of my life. And while my fitness level has never been stellar, I’ve been able to fake my way through sports and such.

Until now.

Saturday I took 4.0 with me across the street for a last minute appointment. He had refused to take an afternoon nap, so I thought a walk in the fresh air would be good for the both of us. And I was just going across the street, no big whoop.

Except that I found myself getting winded pushing the stroller up our street. A street that really isn’t up at all. Seriously. To say that it is has an incline is utterly preposterous.

And now I’m at my wit’s end.

So why don't you get off your @$$ and do something?! you might be saying to me through your computer screen.

I can’t hear you. Just sayin'.
[Sticks fingers in ears, scrunches eyes closed and shakes head side-to-side]

I guess my wit’s end may not be synonymous with hitting rock bottom.

Here’s my deal. I have no extra time right now. Seriously. Zip. Zilch. I’m multi-tasked to the hilt, at work and at home. Really. I won’t go into the gory details of my schedule, but take my word for it: I. Have. No. Time.


I’m not sure what this rant was supposed to accomplish exactly. Or what the point of it should be. I suppose it’s simply a therapeutic exercise (there’s that word again!) for me; venting my frustrations.

So I’ll put it to you, dear readers: how do you manage to fit exercise into your hectic life?

Week 7 Stats: +0.6
Total to date: -1.6

Week 8 Stats: -1.2
Total to date: -2.8