Sunday, November 20, 2016

November Rain

It kinda feels like today was a banner day. Actually, it was kind of a banner weekend.

I got shit done!

My house is basically Thanksgiving ready.

The kids hardly batted an eye while I did it. Which also means they hardly lifted a finger to help, but that's neither here nor there. They were not too rowdy, not too suspiciously quiet and did not require my constant intervention.

I let them play in the rain. As long as they wanted to, which was until starvation and hypothermia started to set in.

I got to host a boutique and play dress-up with friends that stopped by! Friends who didn't give me the side eye for having painter's tape up everywhere, which has basically become the signature wall treatment in my hall, it's been there so long.

And don't tell, but there might have been Christmas music playing.

I got to save an unsuspecting mom from an unnecessary schlep to school in the morning. Because (and stop me if I've mentioned this before) the kids have NO school for the entire week.

My car is in the garage! No one can get in either it or the clothes dryer, but still.

So yeah. A good one indeed.


  1. It must feel great to be Thanksgiving ready! Have a great holiday!

  2. Good to know you are Thanksgiving ready. Have a good one :)