Friday, December 5, 2014

All About Me

I received a note the other night, from an old friend. He and I were a dynamic duo in intramural basketball way, way back in elementary school. Way back friend. He's caught a few of my posts (from the sound of it, probably the more introspective offerings) and wanted to offer a word of support. It was really thoughtful.

It also reminded me that I had ought to flesh out the"About Me" business. So here goes.

I'm a reformed corporate law lackey (although it was the wine industry, which had its perks). Now I stay at home with my two kids, the Mayor - 5 (nickname earned kissing babies and shaking parents' hands on the preschool playground) and Miss Thang - 1.5 (nickname given in the womb for no particular reason, but turns out she is pretty sassy). Their dad is Fella, the heartless bureaucrat that loves old cars, movies, and Dame Judi Dench. He is chivalrous through and through.

Although I'm no gourmet, cooking is a pastime. I almost never make tuna noodle casserole the same way twice (mostly because I don't follow a recipe and never keep track of what I'm doing). Although I'm no Robert Parker, I like wine (it was hard to leave my job!) And not the plonk. Although I won't say no if all you're pouring is Two Buck Chuck. And although I'm no Martha Stewart, I also dabble in working out, volunteering, sewing, and crafting. There's just not enough time in the day!

I'm an Oxford comma gal.

And even though I have my dream job now (Director of Domestic Affairs,) it's still a struggle to be the mom/wife/daughter/sister/friend/person I want to be in my head. But this is what it means to be a Life In Training: each struggle or triumph prepares us for the next just ahead.

This is my Life in Training.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Save It For The Morning After

Law School final exams always happened in the two weeks before we broke for Winter Break. The first day I'd be back at my parents' house would without fail, find me pacing the hall without any studying to do or apocalyptic stress to be had.

I feel like that right now. You know, because this blog and those exams totally hold the same weight.

So here I am, the day after. Is this my NaBloPoMo walk of shame?

Nothing to see here, people. Move along.