Friday, November 11, 2016

Home of the Brave

Apparently, my kids are descended from a long line of brave men whose military service includes the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Great War, World War II, and Vietnam. Both of their grandfathers served, as well; my dad a Marine and Fella's was in the National Guard.

The closest I ever got to military service was when for a nanosecond, I contemplated joining JAG Corps after law school. Mostly because it was better than the alternative: unemployment and forebearance (maybe deferrment, depending). Either way, impending destitution. Then I remembered the part of joining the military that involved bootcamp and, well, nope.

So today we honor those who went before us, those who formed these United States, those who fought oppression throughout the world, and those who maybe didn't know why in holy hell they were even there, but their number got called and then there they were dropped in the middle of the jungle (I'm looking at you Uncle WooHoo).

And we thank those who continue to do so in the name of this great nation. You are all far better, selfless people than I can ever hope to be.

Thank you.

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