Monday, November 28, 2016

Are Those Leftovers in Your Meatloaf or...?

If you're looking for things to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers, look no further, Well, you can probably look further, but here's something to add to your arsenal: Turkey Meatloaf.

Now that I say that out loud, it sounds really dull. Maybe a little unappetizing, even? It has never occurred to me to come up with something catchier. Even though I've been making this meatloaf for a few years now.  Here's the background:

One year, I'm guessing the very first Thanksgiving I ever hosted, I over-estimated the amount of stuffing I needed to serve. (An aside: what do you call it: stuffing or dressing?) But stuffing was always my favorite, so how could it go wrong? Well, a double batch of stuffing is, I am sad to admit, bordering on wrong.

We had conventional leftovers. I made (and froze) Stuffin' Muffins for days. Yet, there still seemed to be an endless supply of stuffing in my fridge. Then, brilliance struck:

Too Much Leftover Stuffing Turkey Meatloaf
(Am I getting catchier? Maybe the acronym: TMLSTM?)
1 lb ground turkey
1 1/2 cup stuffing, premade
3 Tbsp gravy
1 tsp poultry seasoning
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 egg
1 Tbsp brown mustard
For topping:
1/2 cup cranberry sauce
2 Tbsp brown mustard
Preheat oven to 350*. Combine all ingredients. Form into a loaf and place in loaf pan. Top with cranberry mixture. Bake for an hour.
Ain't no Pyrex like vintage Pyrex...

'Cause vintage Pyrex don't stop!

Serve with traditional sides: the Thanksgiving kind (goodness knows we still have some left over) or the meatloaf kind, which may or may not have some overlap, right Mashed Potatoes?

Since the year that saw no end to stuffering, a single batch of stuffing has been more than enough for our leftover needs. Including this family favorite. Stuffing Meatloaf? Thanksgiving in a Meatloaf? Give Thanks for Leftovers Meatloaf?

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