Sunday, November 27, 2016

No Future for You

I guess I was only 4 years old when Lady Diana took that long walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. So I'm not sure if my memories of it were from witnessing it on TV, or from seeing footage of it as I got older. But, like any redblooded girl spoonfed Disney fairytales, I was captivated by royalty. I mean, that dress, with that train and those jewels...oh mah gaw!

It should be no surprise that I am digging the Netflix series The Crown. It puts royalty in a different perspective for mere mortals (not to mention Americans). It sheds light on a lot of the poop-a-doop that those stuffy British folk hold dear.

I also enjoy seeing HRH portrayed as a human (even if her coronation imbues divinity to her position). With doubts and foibles and strengths and weaknesses. Ugh and the pressure!

It also acts as a mirror to our own American system. George Washington refused to take the title of King, for good reason. But is our federal government really much different than the British sans a monarchy?

Of course there are stark differences, but haven't we all heard the anecdote of the freshman senator/congressman learning things the hard way? Because that's not how things are done around here?

I'm all for tradition, but at what expense?

This went in a completely different direction than I thought it was going. Anyway, I couldn't help but thinking. And I suppose this calls for a rousing God save the Queen? If you're so inclined? Maybe just the Sex Pistols, then.

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