Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shut Up and Write

What do you write about? One of the first questions I get from people after I mention that I have a blog. I have nothing more clever to say than: Life. My dreadfully wonderful average life! But do I have a book in me?
I’ve started writing fiction a couple of times. I tend to get bogged down by the details and can’t get over the obstacle--whatever it is I’m having difficulty trying to convey. I also have difficulty with character development.
I say that my kids are the next great method actors (yes, at 5 and going on 2). They really commit to a character when they decide to play one. And I think that’s my issue: my characters only make it as far as two-dimensional and they need that third to be realistic. Maybe I’m not the best judge of character in this instance.
So, fiction: working on it. Non-fiction…?
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I’m no expert. So unless I have some spiritual crisis or extraordinary journey to write a memoir about a la Andrew X. Pham, Elizabeth Gilbert and their ilk, I’m not one to consider for non-fiction. Although non-fiction does encompass a wide range, Biographies are more Fella’s thing.
If I had to write anything, it would be a cookbook. I don’t know what it looks like (you know, that “It Factor” that would make it jump out from the shelves—wait, there are still brick and mortar bookstores, right?) but it’s definitely something to consider. Definitely.
And since food is life and my blog is about life (and I’ve already posted a recipe here and there), I suppose my cookbook would have to be related to my blog.

So do I have a book in me? Here’s hoping!

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