Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Voice

I have a very difficult time with censorship. More specifically, self-censorship. And I think this stops me from being an authentic me, as They say, when I write. The one time I completely put myself out there, airing some feelings about something difficult that I was going through as a veiled way to ask my audience (read: friends) for their support.

It backfired.

So I’m gun shy. And that’s something I want to get over. But I’m a people pleaser by nature, so I’ll have to ultimately make peace with not giving a damn one way or another.

Brass tacks, I want my writing to entertain and amuse people. So I try to weave in pop culture references with mixed metaphors and humor. Always humor. And, even if my Fella doesn’t always laugh along, I find myself hilarious, as do others, so there’s that.

My biggest concern is for sounding too much like someone else already out there. Like Martha vs. Gwyneth and Martha vs. Blake, I don’t want others thinking that I am trying to sound like so-and-so or emulate whatshername. Like, trying to spring board off of someone else’s success, riding coattails, and all that.

So where does that bring me? Back to just being me, I guess.

Who knew that would be so hard?!

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