Friday, November 21, 2014

Songs from the Locust Years

So I haven’t been very inspired by the NaBloPoMo prompt for the day, nor by any other goings on today. What’s a gal to do? Looking through the posts of other NaBloPoMo’ers, I stumbled upon When My Brain Farts who answered another daily prompt over at Wordpress entitled Cue the Violins and asking:
If your life were a movie, what would its soundtrack be like? What songs, instrumental pieces, and other sound effects would be featured on the official soundtrack album?
This soundtrack does not encompass the entirety of my life, but a snapshot that I fondly refer to as The Locust Years. Back when I still subscribed to AWAD, the coined phrase, meaning a period of economic hardship, showed up in my Inbox. And it was perfect. It described the time in my life when I was twenty-three and so tired of life, I lived paycheck to paycheck, and ran up my credit cards (and didn’t exactly pay them on time) at the bar.
And in all that time spent at the bar, my friends and I built a soundtrack. The song we would, without fail, play on the jukebox after ordering our first round of drinks. And it went something like this:
A little AC/DC:



Color Me Badd (yup, double d's):
Counting Crows (one of few of the more contemporary songs making the list):

(And thank you, You Tube, for learnin' me that there is also a Rain King by Sonic Youth, probably a far more artsy offering than the above, if you're into the more avant garde rock, that is). 
Now on to Earth Wind & Fire:

With a dose of ladies who rock Part 1 - Heart:

Part 2 - Hole:

Then we get the Led out, Part 1:

Were you wondering if there was any Ozzy? Wonder no more:

 (Oooh, blond, 80s? Ozzy.)
And we could not forget this lady rocker, Part 3 - Pat Benetar:

Stevie Ray Vaughn:
I mean...that hat feather!
I don't think were in Kansas anymore, Toto:
To clear up confusion, that was Toto, not Kansas.

I really, really, really don't like Train, but this ditty will always make me nostalgic:

Really, really don't. Maybe that's why Ugly Kid Joe comes next?

Thanks for the advice, Travis Tritt:

This would not be complete without a little GNR:

And if we were still standing, a Led-ed sing-a-long:

We didn't always have enough cash to play them all and the bartender regularly skipped a few choice songs (I'll let you guess which), but this was in large part the soundtrack from our Locust Years.

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