Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Only In My Dreams

The NaBloPoMo prompt for tomorrow, “What is your secret (or not so secret) passion?” got me thinking about some jobs I’ve pipe dreamed about having throughout the years.

1. NFL Referee. I like sports. Being the tomboy and daddy’s girl that I am, I always have.  Not to the extent that I wanted to seriously play football outside of the occasional game of flag or touch.  But there was a time when I thought “maybe I could officiate!”  Not knowing where or how to start down that career tract, the dream was abandoned and forgotten until recently.

I’m still astonished that there have not yet been any female NFL refs, although apparently there are some “in the pipeline.”  Good for them! Wish I were one of them!

2. Chef/restaurant owner.  I may have mentioned recently that I like food.  What’s more, I love to create in the kitchen.  When I was younger, I would even pretend to run a restaurant and make dinner for my parents.  I think my mom was concerned that a career in food would only make my food problems worse.  From where I’m standing, it looks like a draw.

3. Debbie Gibson.  No, seriously. I wanted to be Debbie Gibson when I grew up.  I was a ham when I was a kid. And I was deeply entrenched in the Gibson camp in the teen queen rivalry between Debbie and Tiffany.  I’m happy to see they’ve put that all behind them and can make fun of themselves on Syfy.

Ah, the Foolish Beat of the Electric Youth.

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