Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Just Did What!?

Today found myself at work eating a dark chocolate caramel pecan cluster and was reminded (yes, again!) that I have been eating candy with wild abandon since Halloween.  No, it doesn’t just seem like I have been eating it nonstop because of all the holidays. The holidays seem like one long lost weekend ago and I finally has a lucid moment here on Saint Valentine’s Day. Where I found myself still eating all the candy and sweets that crossed my path. Compulsively!

And let me tell you, it has not been without consequence.  While before Halloween I was on the down slope of the decade in which my weight was living, I am definitely on the upside of it now.  Who am I kidding? I am squarely in the next decade and headed for the future.

So here's the conversation that ensued in my head:

"I've got to make a change, but...???"

"I guess there's always Lent." 

"Holy shit, did I just give up sweets for Lent?!"

"Wait—when is Lent this year?" [Googles it] "Oh fuck, it starts next week!"

So, it would seem I have a week to mentally prepare for this.  It’s going to be U.G.L.Y., friends. And I will not be responsible for my actions for at least a week following Mardi Gras!  Consider yourselves warned.

God help us all.

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