Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Three! Three! Three Updates In One

WW Weekly Wrap Up #4: ‘Cause I’m Dressed Like A Cat?

In the words of Paula Abdul and M.C. Skat Kat (alright, and Peter Griffin): ”I take two steps forward, I take two steps back.”

Apparently, I had a bad week.

I poured back over my memory of the last week, because I’m not sure what happened or where I went wrong. It wasn’t Easter because [brace yourselves] I didn’t even touch the candy I put in 4.0’s basket. That is, until the weekend.

Wait, what’s that glow emanating from the ether above me? That would be a light bulb.

Last week was precisely why I need to start tracking.

So it was time to finally get my eTools account straightened out and start tracking.

Check and check.

Too bad I forgot add “prepare myself for shell shock” to that list.

Luckily, I have my buddy on the other side of my cubicle! Having my co-worker's support reminded me that when I started this leg of my journey, I told myself that I wasn’t necessarily going to fall in line right away. I have other priorities that could be adversely affected by sudden drastic changes to my diet.

Have you found your buddy?

On a different note, in getting my eTools setup ironed out, I found out that I’ve re-achieved a former 10% milestone from when I started WW during law school. (Yep, that means I weighed even more then than I do today—10% more!) Regardless, it made me feel much better about where I am right now to see where I’ve been not that long ago.

Week 4 Stats: +1.6
Total to date: Big Fat Goose Egg (how many points is that?)

WW Weekly Wrap Up #5: The System Works!

I was never one to have perfect attendance when I was a kid. I liked daytime T.V. too much to not fake sick sometimes. OK, as often as I could get away with it. And my first week of incorporating tracking was really no different.

But this week, I really can’t complain. All I did was track. I cut back here and there, but I was nowhere near staying within my range. But I’ve been eating with pert near wild abandon since my son was born in October. I hit the wall with that approach when I came back to work. So any cutting back, no matter how small, probably made an impact.

I am admittedly still eating well beyond my allotted daily Points value, not to mention my weekly Flex Points allowance. But seeing the horrifying statistics there in print definitely made me think twice about what I put in my mouth. As long as I have the time to actually lay down the tracks and add up the points.

So yeah, the system works. I’m living proof. At least for this week!

Week 5 Stats: -2.6
Total to date: -2.6

WW Weekly Wrap-up #6: [Insert Witty Subtitle Here]

Maybe it’s because I’m behind on posting my updates. Maybe it’s because I’m getting increasingly more busy, day in and day out. Maybe I’m just without a muse this week.

Another thing I was without this week: progress. As I mentioned in our meeting, I fell off the wagon. The Points-tracking wagon, that is. It was just not what I wanted to do when I got home at night or when I had an extra moment to spare during the work day. I did, however, not deviate too much from the same food choices throughout the week. So I roughly knew that I wouldn’t be too terribly far off track.

But it brings me to another point (of contention, of course!) Late last year, WW had this commercial that annoyed the dickens out of me. You know, the one that said “all [WW] takes is [like] 35 minutes a week.” Or some such claim.

I call bullshit. (And I really did. Each and every time that exasperating thing aired!)

If you’ve ever tracked points, you know what I’m saying. Following the plan takes WAY more than just the time it takes to attend a meeting each week. Unfortunately (for this rant) I know the plan works. It’s just sooohohoooo haaaaaard.

Yeah, yeah. Pity party for one.

Anyway, in the interest of time (and to spare you from the boredom likely setting in by now) I’ll leave it there. Here’s hoping for a more relevant (not to mention timely) update from Week 7!

Week 6 Stats: +0.4
Total to date: -2.2

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