Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blog Challenge #10

This week's prompt: Did You Build Forts as a Child?

I have to admit here, I don’t know as I could take any credit for any fort-building initiatives in my childhood. You see, I had (ok, still have) this older brother. And he had a thing for building things. Lincoln Logs, Leggo’s, popsicle sticks, toothpicks, wood blocks--you name it, my brother built things with it.

Oddly enough, we didn’t have a couch situation that enabled us to build forts with its cushions. Perhaps that was a strategic move on our parents’ part. So what I remember most, is building snow forts for snowball fights in the winter. Brother needed extra man power to pack the snow in good. Being the "yes man" little sister that I was, dug my heels in and went to work until the frostbite nearly set in.

And what thanks did I get in return? A turncoat. That’s right, from workhorse to target, I was powerless against his reign of terror. Well, almost powerless. The perfect pitched screech and crocodile tears always swayed the jury of our parents. He may have been older, but I was pretty shrewd.

But giving credit where it is due, were it not for my brother, I’m not sure that I would have ever thought to build a fort of my own accord. In fact, I’m fairly certain there are a lot of things that I wouldn’t have known, done, or seen were it not for brother paving the way before me.

Thanks brother (if you ever read this).

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  1. That sucks being the youngest, oh the slave labor, lol.