Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Focusyn or Forget It?

Do you ever have so many ideas in your head that you can’t focus? And then you start to worry about getting them all out before you lose them all? Then even if you do get a thought down on paper before it’s in the ether, there is still the matter of finding the [choose your own adventure: time, energy, enthusiasm, inspiration, etc.] to follow through?

So I’ve started carrying around a notebook with me, since I seem to be plagued by great ideas at just the right time—while I’m making dinner, or at the grocery store; sometimes in the middle of a diaper change. So far there are a lot of quasi-coherent notes jotted down, but at other times words flood out of me. I’m not quite sure what Fella thinks of this new accessory yet, but I’m sure to him it's just one more of these devices I’m tethered to.

Fella doesn’t read this. He feels that it is private, although he very well knows it’s very much public, and if I want him to read something, I will ask him to. Along with not wanting to intrude on my publically private affairs, I’m pretty sure that unless we can cash in on this little sideline, he’s 100% Honey Badger about it. So I absolutely drew some parallels to Margaux Daughtry when I read her post 6 Reasons Why He Doesn't Care About Your Blog.

So maybe I won't be able to choose my own adventure for each indecipherable chicken scratch inside my folio, but at least it’s a start in the right direction. And one less excuse for not writing.

How do you manage the editorial schedule in your mind?

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