Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wanted: FT Dish Washer

When Fella and I were dating, we had a tacit agreement: the one who cooks, doesn’t do dishes. And I hate washing dishes. Fast forward 10 years and, when I’m not cooking for everyone, it seems that I am doing nothing but the G.D. dishes.

There are dishes before breakfast. And then while the kids are eating lunch, I’m not because dishes. While dinner is cooking—more dishes. And unless Fella can shepherd the flock through the bedtime routine (while I do the dishes) they lay in wait. And if I’m the one getting the kids ready for bed I’m lucky if the dinner plates get loaded in the dishwasher.

I even have (and use!) the revolutionary home appliance known as the automatic dishwasher, to very little avail.

So what has happened to that arrangement we had during our courtship? I don’t remember our vows including one that voided all agreements (express or implied) entered into prior to saying “I do.” (In which case, I might have more seriously considered the alternative). But what I do remember is one party claiming that the dishes get done faster when two people are doing them and one slippery slope later, here we are.

And although just the other day the Mayor volunteered to unload the flatware from the dishwasher (hallelujah!) he’s still a few inches away from taking over the dish-doing entirely. So for now, I guess I’ll have to pull up my big girl rubber gloves and keep scrubbing (ad nauseam).

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  1. I too HATE dishes. And after 28 years of marriage, if I cook, he washes up... if he cooks, he washes up! Works for me.