Saturday, March 20, 2010

WW Week Wrap Up

This post will wrap up the first two week since I'm just getting around to posting. So here goes!

WEEK ONE: Chips Are Not On The Plan
Last week I started to write about all the reasons why I had a "bad" first week back at Weight Watchers. But before I could finish I realized that all the rationalization in the world wasn't get me to the root of the problem. My problem has to do with a chip.

Not a potato chip or chocolate chip, but worse: a little chip residing on my shoulder.

There are some folks in my @Work meeting who have never been on WW before. They’re come to the table each week with naïveté fresh eyes. They sit there holding their pairs of new discoveries and lost pounds. And I think I’ve got them beat with my Full House of cynicism and years of failure experience. But really, it’s me holding the losing hand.

So my personal challenge after the first week (and no loss) is to not just ante up, but to get my chips all in.

Week 1 Stats: +0.2 lb

WEEK TWO: Little. Yellow. Different. Better.

One out of those four statements are true. This week was better.
OK, so maybe two of the statements because I was also different.

After realizing that I was acting as my own personal sabatouer, I was hoping that I would turn a corner in week two. While I didn't quite make it that far, I did manage to peek around to the other side of said corner. That's progress I'll take!

I contributed to the meeting. And constructively, I might add. SWEAR!

It may not have been all-or-nothing, but it was a step in the right direction.

Week 2 Stats: -0.4 lb

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  1. Hey! I totally just rejoined WW too. I had my second meeting tonight. While I did lose weight, I do realize that even in the first week, I have been using Biggest Loser style tactics to juke my stats. Like, eating 2 Burger King Double Cheeseburgers an hour before my first weigh-in to give myself a full belly cushion for this week. (And because I wasn't going to get any for a while...) And today? Drank a cup of black coffee in the afternoon, to eh, stimulate certain bodily functions. Yep. This is probably not productive. So, hang in there lady--I feel your pain :).