Saturday, August 29, 2009

Projects, projects everywhere!!!

Hey kids, remember this?! Well I finally have an update of substance on said bathroom project!

[Insert wild cheering here]

The cabinet doors and drawers were finished sometime late April/early May. Fella installed new hardware to hang the doors and here's what we got:


So after a little handymanning, he repositioned the hinges and the doors fit together just right.
And after short (I use the term loosely) hiatus, the stagnant project was resurrected this week. And we are definitely on the home stretch with this one. Yesterday, we had the new counter top & sink installed.

Here's how that looks:

Now all that's left is for Fella to don his plumber hat and hook up the new sink and VOILA! Bathroom is ready!

It will be so nice to get to the end of this project. Well, the end of any project, for that matter. It feels like we're juggling so many right now...probably because we are!

Next on the To Finish List: the Offery. Or Nurserice, if you'd rather.

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  1. I love home improvement! Good luck with the Nurserice (I like the sound of "Offery" better, but it could be interpreted as a place where you 'off' people, and that wouldn't be good for the baby's karma).

    How the heck do I follow you?